Automatic pedestrian door operator offer

    Companyname (obligatory)

    Name (obligatory)

    Conatact person

    Email address (obligatory)

    Phone number (obligatory)

    Installation location (obligatory)

    Quantity (obligatory)

    Size (width x height) in millimeter (obligatory)

    Operator type (obligatory)

    Operator length in milimeter (obligatory)

    Sliding door type

    If the fix and moving wings are not symmetrical

    Hinges (obligatory)

    RAL color (obligatory)

    Program selector

    Radar (obligatory)

    Electromechanical lock (obligatory)

    Other accessories (you can choose more)

    XEL5 key switch0PUP elbow switch 1 db0PUP elbow switch 2 dbMP1 additional panel (REX, DAS200)PASAT3I (active infra)COM AR assembly box for COM ER