Industrial sectional doors


High quality sectional industrial ddor. With 40 mm thick insulated ribbed panels. The spring system is basically designed for 20,000 cycles, but of course this can be increased to 50 – 75 – 100 thousand cycles. From several types of rail guides, you can choose the one that best suits your environment and use. Based on the door’s certification (TÜV, CE), it meets all domestic and European requirements. The gate can be moved manually or motorized.

  • Best used for through holes
  • Weatherproof
  • Provides maximum security, property protection
  • Compact panels provide more space inside and outside the building
  • Opens and works easily and practically
  • Provides greater environmental oversight
  • They add value to the building and satisfy all needs
  • Reliability
Technical specification:
  • Up to 7 m passage opening width
  • Minimum space requirement of 200 mm at the lintel
  • Distinctive features of the recommended models:

DITEC industrial door panels are equipped new pinch protection, strong and have a high degree of thermal and sound insulation. The metal structure of the galvanized sandwich effectively protects the panels from natural influences.

Colors and finishes:

In addition to the factory basic colors, the door surface can be painted in any RAL color.

Optional rail guides:

The DITEC industrial door rail system adapts to the needs of the door’s installation location. There are several types of rail systems to choose from.

FULL VISION panoramic panels:

It is possible to replace normal panels with aluminum-framed, insulated sections with transparent acrylic inserts. This gives the door more light inside the building. The door can be made from one section to all sections with FULL VISION panel. By default, aluminum frames can be colored in any RAL color.


There are two ways to operate industrial sectional doors. With manual or motor operation. In the case of manual operation, a spring winch is mounted on the spring shaft of the gate, which can be operated with a galvanized chain.

In case of motorized operation, there are two options:

  • HOLD TO RUN operation. Here, the DOD 14 motor mounted on the end of the spring shaft is equipped with a switch with an UP and a DOWN button. The motor runs until the button is pressed or the gate has reached the upper or lower end position.
  • AUTOMATIC operation. The DOD 14 motor mounted on the spring shaft is operated by the E1A implant controller. The controller has a DOWN-STOP button and an integrated radio receiver. From now on, the gate can be operated in a wide variety of images with a radio remote control, radar, pull switch, etc. It is possible to set an automatic closing time so that you do not have to give the gate a closing command after passing through. A safety device is also required here to prevent the closing gate from damaging a person or property. In this case, a forward infrared edge protection is placed at the bottom of the gate, which stops the movement of the gate in case of obstacle detection.

Entrance door:

It is possible to build a personal entrance door to the industrial sectional door. This makes it easier for the person to walk in and out, you don’t always have to open the gate if someone wants to pass through it. The built-in door is equipped with all the accessories you need for a full-fledged door. Door handle, cylinder lock that can be opened both from the inside and outside, mechanical door retractor. In the case of an automated door, a safety electrical package ensures that the door cannot be opened while the pass-door is open.