The warranty covers durable consumer goods purchased within the framework of a consumer contract pursuant to Government Decree 151/2003 in the administrative territory of Hungary.

The DITEC branded products marketed by Automata Bejáratok Specialistája Kft., By default, offer a 12-month warranty, which can be extended by a maintenance contract for a maximum of 5 years for residential products and a maximum of 2 years for industrial products.

It is a mandatory condition of the extended warranty period that maintenance is performed by a DITEC-certified specialist dealer or reseller with the following regularity:

For residential engines: at least every 12 months

For residential motors, but for condominium use: at least every 6 months


For industrial motors and barriers: at least every 6 months


Automatic doors and opening doors for automations: minimum 6 months


For industrial PVC high-speed doors: at least every 6 months

(Smart, Sector, Traffic)

For industrial gates: at least every 6 months


To validate the warranty, the maintenance company must keep a Maintenance List, which must be presented at the service of ABS Kft.!

If the products listed below are installed and maintained by qualified DITEC dealers and resellers, the warranty period is extended to 60 months:

Sliding gate automations: OBBI, PWR25, PWR35, PWR50, ARC, FACIL, CUBIC

Sliding gate automations: Neos300, Neos400, Neos600

Garage door automatics: TOP603H, TOP903H

The warranty administration of the product (possibly the repurchase of the product) is always handled by our professional service.
Our company can repurchase for non-warranty reasons at the customer’s request at the purchase value.
Installation and adjustment of the device is not covered by the warranty repair obligations. We undertake this to the customer’s order for a separate fee.

The warranty and guarantee claim is based on Budapest 1211 II. Rákóczi Ferenc út 335 / A. can be validated in the professional service operating under. Service opening hours H-P 8-17.

We do not provide any warranty for incompatibility issues related to non-DITEC products when purchasing parts or accessories.

The installer can assert his warranty claim by presenting the identification label on the product and the invoice.
The absence of an identification label, invoice on the product, damage, or any subsequent repair, deletion, rewriting, or entry of false data will invalidate the warranty.

The user can assert his warranty claim with a sealed warranty card provided by the installer at the installer.
Failure to do so, damage to the warranty card, or any subsequent repair, deletion, rewriting, or entry of false information will invalidate the warranty.

– Burns, fractures, cracks or other visible physical damage to the product.
– Improper use.
– Mechanical or electrical loads exceeding the parameters specified in the product description of the product, other non-intended use
– Improper storage
– Malfunction due to elemental damage
– Installation, repair and assembly work on the product has not been carried out by a person with the appropriate authorizations to carry it out, but by a third party or the customer.
– Failure due to external events during transport or operation.

Non-warranty defects.
– Incompatibility issues
– Natural wear and tear

If the product is repaired, the warranty period will be extended by the time spent in the service, unless the defect was of a non-warranty nature.
If the product is requested to be repaired, the repair period is 30 working days, which does not include the date of submission. For repairs longer than 30 days, the product will be replaced at the request of the customer.
Our company can store the product submitted for repair for 30 days free of charge, after which we charge a storage fee.
According to the decree 351978 MT, our company is obliged to provide the supply and repair service for 8 years.
If the repair reveals that the defect is not of a warranty nature, our company reserves the right to charge the current service fee.

Internal service fee
HUF 6,000 + VAT / hour

External on-site service fee
HUF 9,000 + VAT / person / hour

Inspection fee
5000 HUF + VAT / piece
Disembarkation fee 180 HUF / km + VAT (minimum 8,000 HUF + VAT / disembarkation)