Conditions of carriage

Automata Bejáratok Specialistája Kft. Offers the following delivery conditions to its partners:

  1. All orders with a net value of up to HUF 200,000 and due to their physical size can be delivered by courier service, they are delivered free of charge by Automata Bejáratok Specialistája Kft up to 2 packages (up to a weight limit of 40 kg and a length limit of 1.5 m).
  2. All orders with a net value of up to HUF 800,000 and due to their physical size can be delivered with their own vehicle, they will be delivered free of charge by Automata Bejáratok Specialistája Kft within 5 working days at the latest.
  3. If our partners request delivery at a fixed time, for products that can only be delivered with our own vehicle and have not been agreed in advance (at least 2 weeks before delivery, with the exact address), we will charge the delivery cost to the given partner company, which in this case is 180 HUF / km contain.
  4. If the given delivery does not take place during working hours, which is H-P, from 8 am to 5 pm, then a separate overtime cost of HUF 3,000 / hour must be paid.
  5. Automata Bejáratok Specialistája Kft. Operates a courier service for all its partners for a fee, provided that the order is received in writing by 11 am on the day in question and the weight of the package cannot exceed 40 kg and its maximum length can be 1.5 m! The cost of this will be indicated on the invoice.
  6. If the material required for the order is not in stock, Automata Bejáratok Specialistája Kft. Does not take responsibility for the resulting additional shipping costs!
  7. In the case of manufactured products, the exact delivery address and the name and contact details of the contact person must be given in the order, in all other cases we will deliver to the customer’s premises without consultation!
  8. In all cases where our dear customer requests timed delivery, ie it must be delivered at a different time from the normal delivery schedule of ABS Kft., Then we will charge a delivery fee of 180 HUF / km + VAT, regardless of the value of the goods.
  9. The delivery does not include loading, so all our dear customers must take care of unloading the goods!
  10. The driver agrees on a delivery time and the truck calculates with a waiting time of half an hour, in case of any different waiting time we charge a waiting time of 10,000 HUF / hour + VAT.
  11. Even in the case of the receipt of manufactured products at the premises of ABS Kft., The customer must be informed of the arrival 24 hours before the receipt, otherwise we will serve on the basis of order.
  12. We would like to inform our customers that due to the arrival of imported products, it is not possible to release materials manufactured on Mondays from 8 am to 10 am!

In case of a standard package: 1 690 HUF + VAT

In case of cash on delivery package: HUF 2,690 + VAT


You can inquire about the delivery of store products at

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