Automata Entrance Specialist Ltd., a reliable, constantly growing and developing gate technology company since 1989. The latest product of constant innovation is the maintenance and service service launched in 2016, which belongs to the technology we sell. Communication with our customers is extremely important to our company, so their reports will be sent to our appropriate colleagues as soon as possible and our specialists will start investigating the fault before the first disembarkation so that they can arrive on site with all necessary spare parts, thus reducing additional costs.

As an official Dealer, we have a direct commercial relationship with the company manufacturing Ditec and Normstahl Entrematic products, as the exclusive Hungarian distributor of their products, in addition to their wholesale distribution, we are also at the disposal of our partners in production, installation and service. Our national network serves all county regions with 40 official brand representations. From industrial facilities to private homes, we can find our gate technology products, which have been serving users for a long time, with great security and well-functioning.

We undertake a full guarantee for our work.

Our parent company, which has been operating for 30 years, has sufficient experience in the complete installation, service and maintenance of gate technology equipment. As part of our gate service service, we undertake the service of sectional gates for garage doors, garden gates (swing gates, sliding gates), on-site programming of residential gates, remote openings, on-site connection of radio systems, replacement of gate opening automations.

What does the maintenance contract with us offer?

  • Based on an Individual Quotation Survey
  • Reliable Expertise:

Our on-site departure staff and colleagues working in our professional service are both certified professionals certified by the manufacturer, and we continuously develop their expertise in the trainings prescribed by the manufacturer.

  • Regular maintenance:

Regular inspection, maintenance and cleaning of mechanical wear parts to increase service life. Based on a survey of our specialists, we propose the frequency of maintenance.

We take into account the condition of the devices, the frequency of use, as well as the relevant legislation!

Complete mechanical inspection: inspection of mechanical and fastening elements, inspection of electrical connections of contact protection. Guaranteed on-site appearance: Within 24-72 hours of notification, our specialists will begin to resolve the issue.
Parts supply within 24 hours: On working days from 8:00 to 17:00 telephone contact: Telephone error report: 06-20-503-6200

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